2020’s Hottest Fashion Trends

Be bold in colourful leather

Fashion, we can all safely agree, is fickle and changeable. Predicting trends is challenging, but checking out what was hot on the runway in the past season is a good place to start. Have a look at what was trending in top designers’ collections this year, because just like when you’re enjoying a bit of the online gambling NZ has to offer, there’s enough variation to guarantee that you’ll find something you love, and that will really suit you!

Suits, But With Shorts

Specifically, with Bermuda shorts. Traditionally these are hard to style, but in 2020 they’re oozing casual sophistication. Tailored, with dark colours and button-down shirts, they’re perfect for the boardroom; lighter and in linen will take you through your day off. Chloe, Givenchy and other houses showed us exactly how to do it. If you feel unprepared for the short shorts that are also making a comeback this season, your Bermuda’s will save the day, and your style rep.

Ruffles and Tiers

Ready to get ruffled and tiered up? So are we, and so were the designers at London Fashion Week! Wear truffles and tiers in floaty dresses, on statement crisp white shirts, or with leather pants if you’re after an edgier look. You’re sure to get attention.

Polka Dots Everywhere

Polka dots are such a style staple, and they never really go off-trend. This year, Carolina Herrera has updated them by making the dots themselves a lot bigger, and a lot of other New York Fashion week designers added the original smaller versions to their collections. Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya updated classic cuts in the pattern for their collaboration to create modern elegance, and you can too.

Coloured Leather

Leather has typically been associated with Autumn and Winter, in shades of black and brown. In the early 2000s there was a brief flirtation with the material in a range of colours, but nothing like the extent that it’s taking off now. And it’s for all seasons; “spring leather” had a definite moment on fashion runways from Paris to New York and pretty much everywhere in between.

Think beyond coats and buy leather skirts, pants, dresses, shirts and even crop tops in pink, blue, orange, yellow and every other colour in the rainbow. As celebrity stylist Emily Sanchez reported to Insider, this trend is going to be literally everywhere in 2020. Don a leather skirt that pops with colour and a simple black top, and you’ll out-chic everyone.


The Brightest Greens

Leather isn’t the only place there’s going to be a lot of colour this season. Neon of all hues remains a bold statement, but the standout is definitely green. Think acid apple, and you can’t go wrong. Tom Ford and Christopher John Rogers lead the pack here, debuting solid blocks of colour on their runways. If you’re not feeling brave enough to go head-to-toe in bright green and risk glowing in the dark – while also looking fabulous! – play it safe with a cool neon accessory.

Fringe Benefits

Fringes are another big trend, and one that can be taken into several different looks and times of day. Fringed ex-boyfriend denim jackets a la Levi’s, and flirty dresses from Girl’s Best Friend are just some of the pieces that are channelling the collections seen on runways in New York and London. You’ll also note a lot of romantic feathers on celebrities and models this year, which you can use to inspire complete outfits or key accents like scarves and handbags.

Modern Crochet

Crochet was big in the 1960s and then embraced in the early-to-mid-1990s, and like several trends from that time it’s been making a big comeback. But this is not crochet like you’ve seen it before; the knit comes in all sizes but is always beautifully crafted. Whimsy and romantic or with a definite urban edge, you can expect to see a lot of this around.

Stella McCartney and Kate Spade New York thrilled with frills in their delightful crocheted dresses, while Altuzarra and Giambattista Valli kept it more modern with their crop tops. As an added bonus, this dovetails perfectly with the western vibe that has been re-embraced by stylists, so you can nail two trends with one outfit.

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