COVID-19 Keeps Lily and Richie Together, Literally

The Bachelorette NZ

New Zealanders and 7 Sultans Online Casino were thrilled when snowboard instructor Lily McManus-Semchyshyn handed Richie Boyens her final rose during the last episode of the Bachelorette NZ. And the recent reunion episode revealed that the 23-year old and her 32-year clothing designer beaux are still an item, almost four months after the show finished filming. For fans of the show, this just goes to show that the path of true love doesn’t always run smoothly after the series has ended, and Bachelorette break-ups are a regular occurrence.

But Lily and Richie’s love story has a postscript that nobody could have predicted: the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the governmental measures being undertaken to combat its spread. New Zealand have been in lockdown since the 25th of March, which has forced Lily and Richie to speed up their moving-in-together timeline. Although they each have separate flats in Auckland, they’re holed up together in a little place in Nelson for now.

A Last-Minute Decision

Lily said that they were both worried about how to handle the lockdown. They weren’t keen on spending a month alone but were also worried that spending four weeks together every minute of every day would kill their fledgling relationship. But the night before the lockdown was set to begin, they booked a flight to Nelson, deciding to give it a go.

Lily says that her parents have a tiny place there, near the water, outfitted with a bed and stocked with the basic necessities. They departed for their temporary residence at 8 am the next day, after fully committing to trying to get through the lockdown in one piece. And, she’s pleased to report, things are going wonderfully and they’re both very happy about the choice they made.

Everything’s Going Just Fine

In a recent interview, Lily was happy to say that, despite legitimate hesitations about speeding up this relationship milestone, everything is going great so far. She said that both she and Richie are good at communicating their needs and desires, and feel comfortable enough with one another to ask for space when necessary.

Richie chipped in, saying they understand looks from one another and can read body language quite well. If Lily is curled up around her phone, for example, he knows that she wants to be left alone.

Normal Relationship Problems Squared

Trying to make things work when the lights and cameras are gone and creating action is left to you is tough, as Art and Matilda Green will be happy to tell you. They’re the only other Reality TV couple to make it after meeting on the set of the first Bachelor NZ season in 2015.

Lily said that she asked Art for advice about her and Richie’s situation and he said to try and keep expectations as low as possible and to avoid trying to jump into anything. Following this guidance, Lily said that the first thing she asked Richie when the show ended was whether or not he wanted to shift things to a more platonic level or to hook up formally and be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Richie replied that he wanted to be her boyfriend and she said that the feeling was mutual, so here they are. They did ignore some of Green’s counsel, however, when they decided to watch the show together. Lily admitted that it’s been difficult.

Two Sides to a Coin

She revealed that it’s not easy for her new guy to watch her kiss others and it’s difficult for her to see herself getting intimate with people that she did have feelings for but eventually chose to let go of.

Richie agreed, saying that watching his girlfriend smooching men other than himself was hard but that he noticed other things about her because of seeing the show, too. He said that his respect for her has only increased as he watched how kind she was to everyone and that seeing her maintain her integrity and be worthy of the trust she received was meaningful for him.

While many viewers predicted that Lily and Richie would end up getting together, Lily says that she really made an effort to give all the contestants the same chance at winning at her heart. She said she made a concerted choice not to make any snap decisions about who she would eventually choose and tried to stay open to her initial impressions changing.[[[/

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