Popular Myths That Need To Be Debunked

Lightning strikes

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of people being described as blind as a bat, or that if you crack your knuckles, you will get arthritis. Those are just two of many popular myths that need to be debunked, along with any that say you can’t win big at an online casino, because the facts show otherwise!

It’s not that we want to throw your world into disarray by letting you know that Mount Everest, in fact, is not the tallest mountain on earth, or by stating that bulls are not angered by the colour red. We simply want to give you a bit of food for thought.

Knuckle-Cracking Causes Arthritis

Cracking knuckles or fingers is something most of us learn to do when we are younger. As most of us who did it can attest, sooner or later you will encounter someone who gives you the dire warnings that, one day, all your knuckle-cracking will result in agonising arthritis.

That is a myth that was debunked by studies in 1990, and again in 2011. The popping sound you hear when you crack your knuckles is the popping of air bubbles that form in the synovial fluid that surrounds your joints – a bubble that formed because you separate your joints slightly when you crack your knuckles.

Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air

All sorts of myths surround land-based casinos and the activities they offer. One of those myths is that some establishments pump oxygen into the air to keep players awake and playing. It certainly is a myth. Most, if not all casinos, make use of air conditioning, but as a means of controlling the temperature. If casinos did pump more oxygen into the air, it would become highly flammable. The first spark of a lighter or match would be the end of them.

Mount Everest Is the Highest Mountain

Compared to Mount Everest’s height of 29,035 feet above sea level, Hawaii’s Mauna Kea’s 13,796 feet above sea level does not seem nearly as impressive. However, what you cannot see is that there is still another 19,700 feet to Mauna Kea. More than half of what really is the world’s tallest mountain is under the Pacific Ocean. Its true height is closer to 33,500 feet.

Red Makes Bulls Angry

The image of the matador waving a red flag at an enraged bull is one we have all seen, whether it was on a trip to Spain or while watching a cartoon. It may be because of such scenes that most people think the colour red angers bulls, but that is not true. Bulls do not care what colour the cape is. Instead, they do not appreciate being teased, taunted, and threatened by an idiot in funny clothes.

Bull fighting

A Penny Dropped From Empire State Could Kill

A popular myth tells people that, if they ever wanted to kill someone on the sidewalk at the New York’s Empire State Building, all they need to do is drop a penny off the roof. According to the myth, the penny will reach such a speed, it will kill anyone it hits. This is not entirely true. A penny weighs so little; its top speed in free fall is approximately 80kph. It’s just not enough to kill.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice

The saying that lightning does not strike the same place twice has brought many people comfort during severe storms. Sadly, it is a bald-faced lie. Lightning certainly can strike the same place multiple times, thanks to what scientists call ‘needles.’ They are bolts of lightning that are hundreds of feet long, and that do not discharge on the ground during the first strike. Instead, the bolt returns to the cloud, which means it can strike again.

Bats Cannot See

As popular as the saying, ‘as blind as a bat’ is, popularity does not make it true. The belief that bats cannot see is nothing more than a myth. Bats can see; they just do it in black and white. Researchers discovered that, while bats do not have colour receptors and cannot see as well in daylight as other animals can, they see perfectly well for nocturnal creatures. Their famous ability to navigate by sonar is an added benefit.


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