The Coolest Inventions Of 2020


The Amazon Echo Show 5

Some of the best inventions so far are not going to achieve world peace, but they can be really useful; and sometimes they even pack in a ton of entertainment value. If you love gadgets and tech you are going to love 2020, because the year’s coolest inventions have amazing potential.

There are rotating TVs, a car mechanic that fits into your pocket, a personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that makes it easier to play your favourite games at our online casino.

Samsung Sero Rotating TV

Announced prior to big Las Vegas tech conference CES, the Samsung Sero is a TV that works in tandem with your smartphone, and in more ways than one. The 4K TV, when synched with a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, will rotate automatically to match the device screen orientation.

The cinematic experience offered by a 43-inch screen in landscape mode obviously would be quite something, but what on earth would anyone watch on a TV that size in portrait mode? For starters, browsing lists of videos on YouTube or scrolling through Facebook would be much easier.

The manufacturer has not said when the Sero will be made available, but the price is likely to be somewhere in the region of $1,600.

FIXD – A Micro Car Mechanic

Even after years of driving, the sudden glow of the engine light still manages to make hearts skip a beat. Of course, what it actually means is anyone’s guess, so it usually takes a mechanic and a few hundred dollars to get to the bottom of the issue.

FIXED, a micro car mechanic, is changing that. The device is small enough to fit into your pocket but is powerful enough to diagnose the problem that triggered the engine light in vehicles made after 1996. To use FIXD, all you do is plug the device into your vehicle’s diagnostics port. The device, which works via an app, was designed by professional engineers and ASE certified mechanics.

Available online, FIXD costs approximately $59.99.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

We don’t know about you, but we love the idea of one less fiddly thing to worry about. If that fiddly thing happens to be earphones with a tendency to tangle and fray, even better – and that’s where Bose Frames audio sunglasses come in.

The AR-enabled stylish shades have built-in Bose speakers as open ear headphones, as well as a microphone. This means you can connect them to your phone, listen to music without losing awareness what’s around you, and even answer calls, all while shielding your eyes from the garish light of day. The lenses block as much as 99% of UVA/UVB rays.

Lenses are available in various colours, so you can get a selection and then mix and match to your heart’s content. You can pick up a pair online for around $199.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

DroneX Pro Mini Drone

From front cameras on phones, to selfie sticks and downloadable photo editors, tech has made it easier to express ourselves and to capture special moments than ever before. The DroneX Pro and other mini drones from the manufacturer can add another dimension to that by allowing you to take even more creative pictures.

The size of a pocket-sized mobile device, DroneX Pro is available online for prices ranging between $70 and $180.

Skyroam Solis Wi-Fi Smartspot

Finding a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot, especially when travelling, can be a frustrating exercise. With the Skyroam Solis Wi-Fi Smartspot, your personal hotspot goes where you go.

The device is compact, lightweight, and uses patented virtual SIM technology to connect to local mobile networks. As many as 10 devices can be connected to the smartspot, and you can choose from plans that offer data by the day, by the month, and by the GB. Skyroam Solis is available online for $199.99.

Amazon Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a 5.5” smart display that features Alexa, the assistant that is always ready to help. Available on the retail giant’s website for $89.99, the device can be used as an alarm clock and calendar, a personal organiser, a TV or radio, and as a voice control centre for compatible devices. Echo Show 5 does the job of a number of devices all rolled in to one, and it looks good while doing so too!

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