Facts About Flirting

Making a connection

Flirting is a natural part of being human, but it is also a tricky part of life that many misunderstand, miscommunicate, and sometimes even get into trouble for. Should you be single, confused, and have given up hoping of ever finding a partner it might just be time to do a bit of reading. Though, married couples might do just as well to also do a bit of learning…

These facts about flirting might be the epiphany you’ve been looking for, and you could well hit the jackpot like you would at a gaming lounge casino, only this time, you’d be winning at love!


People Flirt For Different Reasons

There are many reasons that individuals flirt, but Professor David Dryden broke it down into six main categories.

According to him, the main reason, and the most obvious, is trying to get laid. But this doesn’t account for all interactions of the type. Some also think of it is a game, or a sort of sport, meaning that flirting is nothing more than a game with no intended outcome. Exploring is a third reason, which is a way for someone to determine if they’d like to be in a relationship. Self-esteem is a major reason, with many simply looking to boost their confidence by receiving indication that another finds them attractive. Last, but certainly not least, is instrumental flirting. This is flirting for the sole purpose of trying to reach a goal, or receive some sort of potential reward.

Importantly, the type of flirting should never be assumed.

Couples Should Flirt

Flirting isn’t just something that singles do on Tinder. A Kentucky researcher found that the strongest married couples flirted on a regular basis. Whispering sweet nothings is not just limited to those with Tinder on their phones, and married couples that did so were in the strongest relationships.

Men Overestimate Interest

Men often overestimate sexual interest when flirting. Conversely, women tend to underestimate sexual interest from men. Imagine the awkward situations that arise from this interesting combination. This is often why some women are viewed as flirts, while they may not consider themselves to be anything of the sort.

Attractive Characteristics Depend On Gender

In the heterosexual world, the characteristics found to be most appealing vary drastically. For men, happiness in women was the most attractive quality, while the opposite was true in reverse. Meanwhile, pride was most appealing to women, while again the opposite was true in reverse.

The science of flirting

Flirting Enhance Attraction

The act of flirting itself creates attraction. Small flirts between persons gradually can result in mutual attraction. If the process is taken slowly and carefully. Over time, the more flirting that occurs, the greater the attraction becomes. In this way relationships often bloom between unexpected parties.

It’s Not About Being The Most Attractive Person

Contrary to popular belief, attraction is not based exclusively around being the most attractive person in the room. Instead, it is more about being open and approachable. Women who smile more and make eye contact, are most likely to be seen as the most appealing. This goes a long way in explaining what really determines who is ‘the most attractive person in the room.’

5 Styles Of Flirting

Flirting is a broad game, and everyone has their own approach. But the 5 main styles of flirting are recognisable. Physical flirting involves light touches, traditional flirting tends to favour the man making the first move, sincere flirting is a process of getting another person to open up during conversation, and playful flirting is seen as a game played by both parties involved. No one style is better or more effective than the other.

Shift Strategy Depending On Context.

Depending on who is flirting with whom, changing strategies is a clever step to take. A study found that those who are most successful drastically change how they approach a situation, mostly due to a person of perceived higher status being involved. Strategy can also be adjusted if it is determined that the act may be seen as inappropriate.

Some Words Work Better

Vocabulary is a huge part of flirting, and needless to say, some words work better than others. This goes double in text flirting. A statistical study by dating app Plenty of Fish found that careful choice of words drastically increased responses. The word beautiful tended to do well when men messaged women, while the word nice did the best in reverse. Live and learn.

Flirting Could Be Biological

It isn’t confirmed, but speculation has long revolved around the reality of pheromones in regards to sexual attraction. Some studies have found that men in the presence of ovulating women tended to be more flirtatious. The topic is still controversial, but it could have much to do with how attractiveness is perceived in heterosexual interactions.

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