The Incredible Balloon Machine™ Slot Set To Thrill

 The Incredible Balloon Machine online slot

Ladies and gentlemen! Soon you will be able to step right up to The Incredible Balloon Machine™ and add more than a touch of whimsy to your online casino games sessions! The new game due in January is being billed as an online slot, but it is unlike any reel spinner you have ever seen.

A creation by Crazy Tooth Studio, The Incredible Balloon Machine™ presents you with what could be a steampunk contraption for inflating balloons. There are no reels or symbols to land in this slot; instead, the action comes down to the innovative Wincrease™ mechanism.

The game was created exclusively for Microgaming by Crazy Tooth Studio, and with such illustrious names behind it, you know you can trust the new title to deliver the magic!

Inflate Balloons To Win

OK, we know you have been waiting for this, so without further ado, we are going to spill the beans about The Incredible Balloon Machine™’s gameplay. The machine itself is in the centre of the screen, with its main valve marked by the spin button.

To play the game, you need to place a bet and then keep your finger on the spin button. This opens the valve and causes the balloon to inflate. You will see a prize amount appear inside the balloon, and that amount will get bigger as the balloon continues to inflate. You can click or tap the collect button at any time to collect the coin amount shown in the balloon, or you can keep inflating in the hope that you will land a truly spectacular win. You will need to be careful, though, because the balloons may burst.

Enthralling Special Features

We know what you are thinking. How could gameplay that simple possibly offer special features? We wondered the same thing, but The Incredible Balloon Machine is not called ‘incredible’ for nothing.

The Multiplier feature can trigger randomly while you inflate a balloon. Several different Multipliers appear in columns on either side of the screen. If you win the Multiplier with your payout, one will be selected at random and it will be applied to your payout, which could increase by as much as 10x.

 The Incredible Balloon Machine

The Pick A Balloon bonus game also is triggered randomly during the base game. Your chance to play it will come in the form of a gold balloon, instead of one of the other colours. If the balloon does not pop, the bonus round will begin. Several balloons will blow onto the screen.

You need to choose some of them to win payouts and Multipliers, or to advance to the next round. There are 8 different rounds, so it could all prove extremely rewarding.

Familiar Betting Options

The mechanics and actual playing area of The Incredible Balloon Machine™ are likely to come as a bit of a surprise. As unfamiliar as all that is likely to be, you should have no trouble getting to grips with the betting options, especially if you play online slots.

The game coin values start at 0.01, so depending on the denomination you choose, you can play the game for between 0.20 and 0.40 per round. According to Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studio, pre-game testing put the RTP at 96.75%, while the hit rate is 41.08%. As for variance, the forthcoming title is medium volatility.

The Incredible Balloon Machine™ looks like it could be one of the simplest games to be released next year. However, we are sure that it is going to prove that even the most unassuming of mechanisms can deliver top-class thrills. This game launches at 7Sultans Casino on the 28th of January, 2020.

 The Incredible Balloon Machine slot

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