March 2019 Horoscope

2019 March horoscope

There have already been some very exciting changes and developments in 2019. As we move into March, creative Piscean energy is balanced with Mercury going into retrograde on the 5th of March. The miscommunications and logistical issues that this usually creates will definitely require some innovative solutions.

Read on for what else each of the 12 star signs can expect in the month of March 2019.


You may have found yourself in a little rut lately, Aries, but you will be glad to know that it will soon be over. Put your considerable energy into looking for new opportunities everywhere, and saying yes to as many of them as possible. If you are moving locations or travelling, you can look forward to broadening your horizons even more.


February was a challenging month for you, Taurus, and March will also be tough. The good news, however, is that this also marks a change for the better. You may hear some harsh truths, but this will free you so that you can let go of negative energy. Focus on simple pleasures and staying present, and you’ll be able to maintain your feelings of peace.


If you wanted to make a significant change in your life, Gemini, now is a great opportunity to do so. This might be a limited mind-set or a long-held pattern of bad behaviour. Either way, if it’s becoming tougher to live with than to change, you can start working to let it go. To fill the space that is created, think about what fulfilled you in the past. Make plans to bring those joys back into your life.


One of your great strengths, Cancer, is that you know yourself and your desires well. You’ve been aware, deep down, of what you really want to do for a long time. Take this moment to commit to what you want, and start actively working towards it. Embrace prosperity by playing at an online casino, you never know when a big jackpot could come your way. If you can dream it, now is the time to do it.


You faced a few harsh realities in February, and this might have made you feel some serious regrets for past events. Learning from whatever happened is important, but you need to make the choice to move forward too. Don’t get so stuck in your guilt that you forget to look to the future.


If last month was about personally stretching your limits, Virgo, March is about connecting to the people that you love. Think about how to spend quality time with all of them. Don’t neglect your relationship with yourself either; take some downtime to play your favourite table and other games.


You should be feeling a little less overwhelmed than in February, Libra, which is just as well because some romantic changes are coming up for you. Expect a change in perspective if you are in a relationship already. If you’re not, a new love interest could well be about to appear. Welcome the new ideas and energy, and have a fun-filled March.


You have always thrived on making progress, Scorpio, and the feeling that life has stalled a bit must be very frustrating for you. The best course of action is to relax and have more fun. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you manage to stop taking life so seriously.


Sagittarius, you have a sense of wanting to do something or be somewhere different, but you’re not really sure what or where that would be yet. Take this month for inner reflection and connect with yourself. What really inspires you, and what do you want to do next? When the answer comes to you, you’ll know.


Love changes are in the air for you this March, Capricorn. If you have wanted your current significant other to make some changes, or you are looking for someone new, your wait is nearly over. After all the action that was required of you in February, enjoy sitting back and simply letting events unfold.


Your key phrase right now, Aquarius, should be “less is more”. Don’t abandon the commitments that you feel most passionately about, but think carefully about what those are. You will enjoy the time you spend on each activity if you haven’t overstretched yourself. Let yourself rest and rejuvenate too, with your favourite show or online casino game.


After a month of interesting changes, Pisces, you are in for even more new developments. A new job, hobby or project is going to shake up your world, in the most enjoyable way possible. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities that feel authentic, true to who you are and inspiring. The energy is in your favour to succeed in any endeavour that you try, so think big.

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