New iPhone Includes Face Detection Feature

New iPhone coming soon
 Source: Pixabay

The new iPhone 13.5 operating system is incoming, which means that the world is already falling all over itself in anticipation. Or realistically, the world is semi-interested, and vaguely keen to see which, if any, new features will make their device worth the sizable price tag. Will it offer enhanced access to your favourite online casino? Will it allow some or other revolutionary new way of communicating? Will it have an even higher number of digits in its specifications?

Better! It will have a software function that acknowledges you are wearing a facemask and allows you to quickly skip the face identification step, thus jumping straight to entering a code. Hey, who said Apple wasn’t really pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology with their latest OS?

To be fair, given that the global health crisis has only been going on for a few months, it is impressive that Apple managed to respond so quickly and add a contingency. On the other hand, this isn’t what most would consider ground-breaking. Either way, it seems pretty certain that the new iPhone 13.5 OS will launch with this feature in place.

Quicker Phone Access

According to sources, the contingency measure for face masks was seen in the golden master (GM) version of the iOS 13.5. For those who aren’t part of the tech cool kids club, a GM is the developer version of an Apple operating system. It is given to developers early, so that they have a bit of time to get familiar with it before it goes public.

As part of the launch notes for the new iOS, released on 9to5Mac, the new feature simply allows the face recognition process to speed up, should a user be wearing a face mask. Instead of the phone trying and failing to recognise a masked face, the user can simply jump straight to entering a passcode. Yes, it isn’t exactly ground-breaking stuff, but rather thoughtful of Apple none the less. After all, no one wants to stand around waiting for the phone to recognise them as a masked thief every time they check a message.

So, how does this incredible new iPhone innovation work? Brace yourself, it’s pretty intense.

How Does It Work

We lied; it isn’t intense at all. First and foremost, the feature will be added to all iPhones that have Face ID functionality. So, you won’t need to purchase a new iPhone in order to get the feature. Phew! It works like this; swipe a locked phone up from the bottom of the screen, and the passcode field will automatically be presented. The main purpose is that it will entirely override the Face ID procedure, saving precious seconds. Keep in mind that the feature will also work during the authentication process at iTunes, Apple Pay, Apple Books, and the App Store.

So, one question that many are probably asking around about now is, what ever happened to the fingerprint scanner touch identification that was all the rage a little while ago? That would have helped out a great deal in just these circumstances. Of course, with features coming and going and Apple having to juggle what they can and can’t put into a limited space, fingerprint scanning was dropped from newer models.

But, get ready to jump up and down with excitement, rumour has it that the iPhone 12, launching later in the year will have the feature back.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. When will the iPhone OS 13.5 release? It should be out this week, so be on the lookout. Weren’t convinced you needed it? Well, there is one more interesting addition that may just make you change your mind. Upon release the phone will come with support for a tracing app. The app, which Apple is working on in conjunction with the government, helps track the word health crisis. This is a touch more cutting edge than the face detection override swipe, to say the least.

If you do or don’t get the new iPhone 12 is up to you. But it is good to know that Apple aren’t blind to the current crisis and have added a new swipe function.

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