Netflix Now Offers More Parental Controls

New Netflix parental controls

Streaming television shows is pretty much a way of life for most people by now. Just as we’ve come to enjoy casino games such as pokies online, so we can watch our favourite series and movies in the same way. Entertainment has never been so comfortable or convenient, whether you want to catch up on your favourite series or check out the films that everyone has been raving about. Since streaming services are the next frontier in terms of generating profits from broadcasting, it makes sense that the most popular networks are all in fierce competition with each other.

Netflix, one the original and biggest players in the industry, is always on the lookout for ways to entice new customers, and to keep existing subscribers happy. Parental controls are a big concern, with Netflix Animation Chief telling the New Your Times that around 60% of the service’s 2019 streamed content was family- or children-specific, and that’s where the operator has turned its attention to most recently.

Until now, the controls have basically consisted of having general accounts and a dedicated kids’ section. Now, however, Netflix has levelled up its restriction options and have put the power firmly in the hands of parents everywhere. You can put limits on specific titles and age ratings, keep tabs on what your children are watching, and lock your account behind a secure PIN.

Setting Maturity Ratings and Blocking Titles

To set the maturity rating for a single child’s account, go to the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your Netflix homepage. Select the Account option, and then choose the drop-down menu for one of your youngsters’ profiles. If they don’t have a profile yet, create one under the Manage Profiles option.

You’ll see a category called Viewing Restrictions; choose the Change option that will be alongside it. Enter your Netflix password, and set the viewing restrictions that you want to put in place for your child and press the Save button. The options start at TV-Y for pre-schoolers, and go all the way up to NC-17 for your plus-seventeens.

To block specific releases so that they don’t even appear as options on kids’ profiles, repeat the process. Under Viewing Restrictions, you’ll see a bar that reads Profile Maturity Rating, enter the title that you don’t want them to see. When you’re finished the list, click on Save.

Tracking Kids’ Netflix Activity

To keep up with what the young ones in your house have been watching on Netflix, choose their individual profiles in the drop-down menu and select Viewing Activity. You’ll see an itemised list of the dates and content they’ve been streaming. This can help you decide if you need to adjust the limits that you have in place.

Netflix enhances restriction options

Locking Adult Profiles

Kids are nothing if not resourceful, and they might well try to find ways around these protective measures. Keep all your efforts from going to naught by locking all adult profiles with Personal Identity Numbers (PINs).

Under your own profile’s drop-down menu, select the Change option next to Profile Lock, choose to require a PIN and then enter your chosen 4-digit number. You can also choose to require a PIN to add any new profiles – so that minors don’t create all-access, false identities behind your back! To further prevent any underhand activity from your little darlings, it’s a good idea to change all of these PINs on a regular basis.

Offering Greater Choice

Netflix Kids’ Product Manager Michelle Parsons commented in a blog that choice and control have always been important to their customers – and to the parents among them in particular. In addition to the other new ways you can manage your child’s viewing, Netflix also now allows you to limit screen time by disabling AutoPlay. Parsons added that the new measures were intended to help parents set restrictions that were right for their families.

Whatever actions you decide to take to keep your little – or not so little – ones safe while watching movies and television online, you can do so on any device that you want to use. The new settings are available on both desktop and mobile Netflix profiles, giving parents everywhere (and anywhere) total peace of mind.

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