A Closer Look At The Pentagon UFO Videos

New UFO videos

Diving into the UFO sub-culture can be fascinating and there is a veritable truck load of information to trawl through. From hundreds of videos to thousands of eyewitness reports, it’s almost enough to convince even the most hardened of sceptics. Plus, you’ll find UFO-themed everything to push the point, from mouse pads to duvet covers, and even online pokies!

Next time you’re browsing the web, dare to enter the search word ‘UFO’ into Google and have yourself a little look. Fun, but easily dismissed, right? I mean, it’s not like any of these videos are actually backed up by a credible organisation. Call me when the Pentagon is declaring any of this nonsense real.

Funny you should say that…

The Pentagon recently released 3 videos which it is officially declaring UFO’s as real. Yes, you heard that correctly. No, there is no hand wavy excuse you can mutter. They are, in fact, backed up by the Pentagon, and do, in fact, show very blatant UFOs. If you haven’t looked at the videos already, you should look now.

What you do or don’t think the videos show in your expert opinion is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that there are odd things going on in the sky, and blanket scepticism about weird things is not a healthy attitude to have. Though we do agree, it is inconvenient to have to start considering what the bizarre tick-tack shaped objects floating around in the sky are.

I mean, the special effects aren’t nearly as impressive as The Avengers, without question, but still; they are weird videos.

Behind the Footage

The videos are not actually new, and one in particular has been around since 2007. The others are from 2017. Interestingly enough, one of the videos was originally circulated by Tom DeLonge, who many will recognise as the former Blink-182 singer.

All 3 videos depict military footage of objects in the sky, and although not exactly what could be called high quality, the frames certainly leave no room to speculate as to what is being seen. At least in terms of the basic events. There are certainly objects, and those objects are certainly doing some impossible aerial manoeuvres. Most telling of all is the voices of military personal observing the events, exclaiming at just how bizarre the images are.

Alien life on the horizon

One video in particular, in which the object can be seen rotating, is particularly alarming. The movement is indeed ‘alien’ looking. Though let’s not get ahead of ourselves in speculating what the objects are. Not yet anyway.

The Ongoing Obsession

Everyone and their dog know the Area 51 story. Though why the USA military would keep anything classified at Area 51 today, given that the location is a worldwide cultural phenomenon, is anyone’s guess. The original story, however, of a mysterious object being recovered by a farmer in 1947, centred on the military base, and so the location has remained key to the sub-culture.

Speculation is largely that the object recovered was part of a spy balloon program, which is a fairly good explanation. But ‘spy balloon’ certainly doesn’t explain what is in the 3 recent videos, which in turn raises an extraordinary amount of questions.

Rational Speculation

It seems to be human nature that you are required to either buy UFO stories hook, line and sinker, or dismiss them entirely. Sorry, that’s “Unexplained Areal Phenomenon” now. The new name was probably changed in order to try separate the real stuff from the tin hat wearing ‘enthusiasts.’

The truth is, without question, that there are odd things flying around in the sky. What they are really is a matter of opinion at this point. It certainly isn’t impossible to think that the objects are part of secretive government operations. But why these operations are being kept so secret is curious indeed, especially since the technology being demonstrated is leaps and bounds ahead of where we are today.

That the objects are alien in nature is also a possibility. Though, what business the aliens have acting like thieves in the night, very specifically avoiding humans, also raises many questions. The point is that you can’t dismiss the objects, even if a bizarre sub-culture has been built up around them.

Tom DeLonge isn’t dismissing the objects. In fact, he’s opened up an organisation called The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. And, judging by the fact that the Pentagon released the new “UAP” videos, he’s suddenly got a lot of credibility.

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