The Benefits of Gambling

There’s a lot more to gambling than winning. Winning is the main aim, but gambling despite what dissenters will say, is an industry unto its own with all kinds of advantages. And I’ll be the first to say that its social impact is complex, but that one needs to look at the bigger picture. That picture has all kinds of positive economic attributes. Let’s not forget about the tax benefits of gambling. I speak under correction, but from what I understand, unless you’re a professional gambler, and by this the implication is that you earn a living from it, you don’t pay tax on your winnings.

The Benefits of Gambling

This makes perfect sense too, as the industry itself is regulated and thus taxed. We can’t speak about gambling without speaking about addiction, and while its ramifications are serious, it’s not physically damaging as say alcohol or tobacco – although that is putting the matter simply. So what are the benefits of gambling?

People Do Win

This is fact. People win at gambling and they win every day. Now the term ‘winning’ is also relative. By winning it could be winning a single spin or a series thereof, or it could mean winning a bonus round. It could also constitute winning a progressive jackpot, a hand of blackjack or a bet on roulette. It’s totally understandable that people only want to hear about the big wins or that only those prizes constitute winnings, but this would be an incorrect assumption. A win is a win, regardless of its size. The onus is on you though as the player to determine when it’s time to cash out and call it a night.

The Economy

This is a major drawcard for the proliferation of gambling in a proper and fully regulated manner. Gambling stimulates the economy because it creates a slew of jobs. Casinos are quite often 24 hour operations, at least the big ones, and this means that all manner of employment has to occur. You’ve got to employ croupiers and dealers, bar staff, restaurant staff, finance staff, cashiers, security and machine maintenance. Everything I’ve mentioned here simply defines the tip of the iceberg; from here on in it all gets subdivided. To express it in another way, it’s a mammoth industry creating employment for thousands of people.

Amalgamated Efforts & Results

The modern casino can in many ways be likened to a mall. An over-arching and all-encompassing roof covers the casino itself, usually located at the centre and around this centre are all kinds of shops. An extension of the casino floor usually leads into a series of bars and lounges, the latter of which will provide food, and drink. Surrounding the casino and all its affiliated offerings will usually be novelty shops, restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream parlours and other forms of entertainment such as theatres, cinemas and ventures geared towards whole families.

Casinos have realised the benefits of having child-designated entertainment and play areas. These parts are usually located at the furthest ends to create the longest distance between the adult entertainment and the child and/or kid-friendly entertainment. Once again the vast employment that this singular entity creates needs to be reiterated. Quite often conference centres and hotels form part of the greater casino, thus providing additional services and the creation of even more employment. In a nutshell, the casino in a multi-functioning hub of entertainment with multiple applications, there to make money and provide money.

Casino entertainment

Entertainment Factor

I’ve touched on the various forms of entertainment outside of the casino itself and will thus only focus on the entertainment garnered from the playing of casino games. Of course you’re there to win money but it would be remiss not to take into account the packing of the games, in particular the video slot games. The digital technology that now gets incorporated into these games is such that the entertainment value thereof serves as a major drawcard. I’ve been a participating victim of this type of thing myself. When I stroll through the aisles of the slot games, it’s firstly hard to make a choice because there’s so much going on and when I do settle for a game, I do so based on the theme and all the goings-on’s. The better the graphics and the sounds, the more I’m inclined to play and, while I know I’m playing because I want to see remuneration, I am entertained and swept up in the shenanigans taking place on the screen before my eyes.

To Conclude

Gambling is punted as entertainment and it has its pitfalls – it can be great fun and it can be lucrative, but it can also be financially crippling. The onus is on you as the player to navigate this world with care and responsibility, just as you navigate your way when travelling to the shop or to your job. There are dos and don’ts. It’s all part of the experience of being an adult.


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