The World’s Wealthiest Pets

You’ve probably thought to yourself that pets need more personal wealth of their own. After all, when you look into the eyes of a dog that lives his life to chase a ball, you can’t help but think that he would be happier if he had a few million in the bank. Or maybe you’ve been petting a cat, only to conclude that the feline simply shouldn’t have to go another day without being able to afford a personal chauffeur.

You haven’t had these thoughts? Well, then you probably won’t want to learn all about the world’s 6 wealthiest pets. Or maybe you will, for no other reason other than to realise, without question that the world had now officially has lost its mind. On the other hand, maybe you were thinking of leaving your money to your pet, in which case, we fully respect the decision.

Gunther IV

The richest animal on our list is a German Shepard named Gunther IV. He scratches his own leg, he probably licks his own genitals and he has a great big pair of furry ears that love listening out for squirrels. He also happens to have inherited a fortune worth $375 million.

So yes, he also has a butler, a maid, dines on steak and caviar, and owns multiple homes worth several million each. Karlotta Liebenstein left the money to the dog after she died in 1992. If we’re being clear about the situation though, the dog’s handlers have taken it upon themselves to invest his inheritance, and are using it to snap up land. Though it all officially belongs to Gunther IV, so he has plenty of space to chase squirrels!

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) is not so much of a mystery. You probably know Grumpy Cat, or have seen a meme. Yes, this is the cat with the permanently grumpy face that has all but turned into a worldwide sensation. Grumpy Cat has her own merchandise, is taken on tour to meet fans, is sponsored, appeared in movies, and has an Instagram following of over 2 million. In case you’re wondering, all that money is officially put under her name.

Yes, the owner’s give all the money earned from appearances, movies, merchandise and the like to the feline with the famous RBF. Although, if we’re being honest here, the $99 million is officially the cats, but who do you think is going to live longer? Grumpy Cat or her owners?

Olivia Benson

A cat belonging to Taylor Swift is of course going to be worth $97 million. Olivia Benson is a prissy, immaculate feline (maybe a bit like her owner!), and is officially sponsored by Diet Coke and Ked Shoes, and has appeared in commercials that have raked in a pretty hefty payday. Again, we’re willing to bet Taylor will be outliving Olivia.

Either way, we like to think that Olivia and Grumpy Cat hang out on the weekends and share stories of how they have their claws manicured and drink from a diamond studded bowl.


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Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke

This list of lucky pooches all belong to Oprah Winfrey, and are resting pretty comfortably in the knowledge that they have a trust fund. Yes, you’re probably thinking that they’d get by with a million between them, but Oprah likes to go one step beyond. The trust fund set up for the dogs is to the tune of $30 million, so if anything happens to Oprah, these pooches will be well looked after for the rest of their days.


What would you say if we told you that there is a chicken in the United Kingdom that has an inheritance waiting for him of $15 million? That we’re joking? We’re not. To be fair, Gigoo the chicken likely wouldn’t know the difference if he was running free in a field, or being treated to the finest birdseed that $15 million could buy.

Miles Blackwell, a publishing tycoon, and his wife had no children and moved into the countryside to raise chickens. The whole of the couple’s fortune was not left to the chicken, only a small fraction of it. The rest went to wildlife conservation projects.


Lastly, we have another cat, this time an Italian Tom named Tommasino who has his own inheritance of $13 million. Property tycoon Maria Assunta, who passed away in 2011, left the fortune to him. Naturally, Maria had no children, which is what inspired her to leave the money to her cat. Or her long time nurse if we’re being specific, with instructions that the lady looks after the feline to the best of her ability. The nurse, who chose to remain anonymous, moved away with Tommassino to avoid attention, but we are betting that the pampered pussycat lived a pretty good life, as does the nameless caregiver!

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