Top 5 Travel Spots For 2020

Beautiful Bosnia

If the travel bug has bitten, you may well be looking for new places to explore in 2020. But forget about those boring stereotypical holiday destinations, this year’s hottest travel spots are unique and intriguing, just like the games you’ll find at 7Sultans online casino!

Take a look at the 5 places you need to explore if you’re thinking about broadening your horizons…

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia, sandwiched between Croatia and Serbia, is a name synonymous with conflict, namely the Bosnian War that took place 1992 – 1995. But, lest we forget, that was 25 years ago, and the region has since made major strides to restore the once bullet-riddled landscapes. This doesn’t mean you won’t still encounter buildings that show signs of conflict, but at this stage the bullet holes stand more as a sign of the past than the present.

Mostar is now becoming a tourist hotspot, acclaimed for its ancient architecture, rich history and quaint establishments. There’s plenty to do and see, and the local currency of the Bosnian Convertible Mark has a favourable exchange rate with many other countries. If it’s a cultural experience with a difference that you’re after, this is the place to go.

Guizhou Province, China

Few stories are as interesting as the Guizhou Province in southwest China. Until recently the area was all but entirely untouched by civilization, gaining a reputation for existing as a sort of portal into a time long past. That atmosphere still exists, but now with a dash of the modern world. Given the cool and humid climate of the area, tech giants have taken an interest in establishing data centres here. This has drastically increased access to the sleepy region, drawing in groups of curious tourists.

The yuan is the accepted currency, making it easy to explore this still isolated sliver of the world. Visit now and you’ll feel as if you’ve stolen a glimpse of an era forgotten by time, and where farming is still the primary focus of life.

Tohoku, Japan

Once thought of as the world’s best kept tourism secret, but now quickly gaining attention, Tohoku is an absolute wonderland. It’s only three hours from Tokyo and the local currency is the Japanese Yen, but it feels as if you’ve escaped into a fantasy world of snowy forests, ancient temples, and ski resorts. Those who enjoy exploration will be spoilt for choice, while those seeking the best ski options are equally in for a rare treat.

National Blue Trail, Hungary

Hikers that yearn for some of the most extravagantly beautiful landscapes in the world need not look further than the National Blue Trail in Hungary, Central Europe. It weaves some 700 miles, starting near the Irottko Mountain, near the Austrian border, and ending near Slovakia. Although, of course, you’re not obliged to hike the entire length of the marked route, instead, getting snippets of this epic, highly varied journey is recommended for the average adventure seeker. The currency you’ll need for this trip is the Hungarian forint, as the Euro is not accepted here.

Telč, Czechia

Lastly we have another widely overlooked gem, Telč, located in south Czechia in the Czech Republic. This spectacular area is filled with stunning Italian architecture straight out of a 14th century fairy-tale, and it may well make you feel like you’re living a dream. There is a reason after all that Telč is often referred to as the Czech Florence.

Visitors can swap their money for local Czech koruna to sample local culinary delights, or wander through streets that date back to the 1600s and feature an amazing array of ancient castles, chateaus and colourful houses.

Telč, Czechia

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