Why We Need More Classic Slot Games

When you reach a certain age, a tragic thing begins to happen. You feel yourself turning into that old man cliché, and there is nothing you can do about it. You find yourself having strange, alien thoughts, ones that begin with; “In my day…” and end with a statement regarding how things were better when you were a kid.

Yes, you rolled your eyes at these old men when you were a kid, perhaps even sniggered behind your hand. But then you start getting older, you have a brain exploding realisation; things really were better when you were a kid. For example; in my day, movies were made with practical special effects, and film directors created movies with passion, as opposed to a sausage machine. Cartoons attempted to instil values in children, and playing outside was the best way to get your entertainment. How I miss hitting my brother with a stick in the garden.

Thankfully, the world is going through a nostalgia phase right now, and many of the things that were popular when I was a kid are making a return. In some cases these returns can be so bad as to make people weep, such as the second Independence Day film, but other cases they can be warmly welcome, such as the return of various classic slot games.

Classic Things Return

For those not aware, there has been a huge effort to bring classic slot games back from the dead. I clap my hands in delight when such things occur, since they temporarily satiate that old man living in my head. He would see as many things as possible be resurrected from the old days, you see, apparently forgetting just how hair pulling dial up Internet used to be. Yes, I have nostalgia glasses for many things, but thank God in heaven that dial up Internet is no longer a thing.

But seriously, it’s not as easy to resurrect old slot games as you might think. In fact, it’s a rather complicated and difficult affair; depending how far back you want to go. After all, the most classic slot games were mechanical, and transporting them to the digital world can be nothing short of a nightmare. When the job is eventually done, however, the results are truly admirable.

My only personal gripe is that there is no guarantee that all the old slot games will make the journey over to the digital world, and I find something very morbid about the knowledge that some old slot games may well be forgotten forever.

The Journey From Analogue To Digital

Saying goodbye to the analogue age is bittersweet, at least for me. So many of the things I loved as a child were indeed analogue, from the children’s shows, to the sitcoms, to the disk based video games. If you are my age, I honestly urge you to go back and take a look at some of those classic 80s sitcoms. It truly is remarkable to see just how much they suck in hindsight.

Yes, I know I said things were so much better when I was a kid earlier, and I really do mean that in some regards. But, I dare you to watch an episode of Perfect Strangers, and not be blown away by just how astonishingly corny it is. But, I would certainly be sad if it was lost. That is, after all, my childhood.

Either way, the majority of the well-remembered analogue stuff is making the journey to digital. Perfect strangers is available in digital form, as well as Whose the Boss. Some things, however, are not so easy to transform into a digital version. Old classic slot games are entirely mechanical in design, as I already said, meaning that they have to be manually transplanted. How does one turn physical reels into digital reels?

Some Things Just Fade

I read up and learned that turning a mechanical slot game into a digital one is a long, difficult process. The odds that the old game was based on is generally easily available information. So, creating that digital framework is not the difficult part. Recreating the game symbols is what is a lengthily affair.

A team goes about taking apart the old slot game, and removing the reels. The most well preserved version of the old game is used, of course, but sadly some old slot games were never even kept, since slot game cases are often reused. This does indeed mean that some mechanical games are lost forever.

The team digitally captures the symbol designs, transporting them into the virtual realm. Once digital, the symbols are touched and made to be exact replicas of their analogue selves, down to the finest detail. And, with final touches, viola, magic. Thankfully, slot games age a great deal better than Perfect Strangers did.

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