Craps is the casino game that has been popularized in countless films for its sophistication and glamour, and has become an even more sought-after casino game over the last few years because it´€™s been introduced as a game that can be played online. It originated from the English game ´€˜Hazard´€™ and is a game of luck that is quick to learn. 7Sultans Online Casino offers superior craps games that lead to magic rewards with a simple roll of the dice.

How do I play craps?

Craps is simpler than it initially appears, with the object of the game being to shoot the dice in the clearly defined areas of the sunken green felt table and then to repeat the shot to win. You play against the ´€˜Banker´€™ in most versions available at 7Sultans. Your fortune could be made with the roll of the dice, if the dice and your bets correlate.

In the come out roll, the player ´€˜shoots´€™ the dice towards a certain point on the table. In ideal situations the natural come-out roll will be 7 or 11, leading to a ´€˜Pass Line´€™ win. After this another come-out roll should be made based on the same number as the first, establishing the ´€˜Point´€™, and progressing the game to the next stage. Once the ´€˜Point´€™ is established, the player must roll a seven or the same number as the point in order to win and therefore finish the game. By understanding the dice numeracy and winning combinations of online craps, you could find yourself on a steady route to winnings. 7Sultans offers you the chance to become the ultimate ´€˜shooter´€™ when you play online craps.

This fascinating game also has rules and game play descriptions accompanying it on the interface so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of the game before playing.

The roll of the dice can make you a fortune and the thrilling atmosphere will be accentuated by the cutting-edge graphics and sounds that successfully simulate the exciting atmosphere of the world´€™s glitziest casinos.

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