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Live Dealer Blackjack at 7Sultans Casino

The Live Dealer Blackjack from Evolution Gaming that we provide you with access to here at 7Sultans Casino New Zealand is the quickest, smoothest, most richly featured online Live Blackjack game there is.

Not only is the main game an endlessly entertaining one, there is a host of extra-value features like Bet Behind, Side Bets, and Pre-Decision to enjoy as well.

The Advantage of Betting Behind

The Bet Behind feature available on your Live Dealer Blackjack game here at 7Sultans Casino allows you to Bet Behind the main 7 players already seated at the table. You can make use of this feature while you’re waiting for 1 of these seats to open up, and won’t lose your place in the virtual queue when you do so, and you can Bet Behind while you’re actually playing, as well.

Hot players enjoying a winning streak will have their names highlighted, with a gold medal appearing alongside it. The number on this medal will display how many games the player in question has won, and 1 or 2 ribbons, and up to 3 stars around it, will provide you with an at-a-glance indication of how hot that player is.

Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets

The Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets add an interesting layer of additional interest to the Live Dealer Blackjack game, and push your chances of winning up by providing an extra opportunity to bet.

If you decide, for example, to make use of the Perfect Pair Side Bet, you could well be collecting a pretty significant payout if the first 2 cards that you are dealt are either a Perfect Pair, a Coloured Pair, or a Mixed Pair:

  • A Perfect Pair

This is 2 cards of the same suit, like 2 Aces of Spades

  • A Coloured Pair

This is 2 cards of different suits, but of the same colour, like the 2 of Hearts and the 2 of Diamonds

  • A Mixed Pair

This is 2 cards of the same number but different suits, like a 10 of Spades and a 10 of Hearts

An additional 21+3 Side Bet gives you the extra chance to win according to Poker-ranked hands which will make use of the first 2 cards that you are dealt and the 1 open card in the dealer’s hand.

Play More with Pre-Decision

The Pre-Decision option cuts player waiting time down to a bare minimum by letting you make the decision to Stand, Hit, Split, or Double Down at the same time as the first player does. This allows you to get a lot more playing time in!

Every aspect of the game has been optimised in order to ensure that you experience a flawless playing experience on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, and you can look forward to the fun of beating one of our beautiful dealers any time you please!

Experience the thrill of New Zealand and find out why we’re the No. 1 player choice in this part of the world.