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Live Dealer Blackjack at 7Sultans Casino

The Bet Behind Feature

Bet Behind allows you to bet behind the main 7 players seated at each of the Evolution Gaming tables at 7Sultans Casino. This means that you can place wagers while you wait for 1 of the 7 main seats at the table to open up, but you can bet behind any of the other seats while you are playing as well.

Hot players who are enjoying a winning streak will have their names displayed alongside a gold medal, and the number on this medal will indicate how many rounds of the player has won so far. 1 or 2 ribbons and up to 3 stars around the medal will allow you to quickly see just how hot the player in question is.

Low stakes are available for the Bet Behind feature, and this method of getting involved in a Live Dealer Blackjack game can be a great way to start off playing if you are a novice. It can serve as a gentle introduction to the excitement of Live Dealer games, and you won’t lose your seat: Sit Here will still be available when 1 of the 7 main seats frees up.

The Pre-Decision Option

In standard games, players get dealt their first 2 cards and then inevitably have to wait while each player in turn makes their first betting decision. The Pre-Decision feature added to the Live games by Evolution cuts this wait time down to a minimum: all players can make their initial decision to Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split at the same time as the first player is making theirs.

Top Entertainment for You to Enjoy

At its core, the game is incredibly entertaining, but there’s so much more to enjoy when you play it at 7Sultans Casino Canada. Added-value features like Side Bets, Bet Behind, and Pre-Decision pick up the pace, and you will be immersed in the first-rate gameplay we are so proud to provide in real-time.

The Perfect Pairs Side Bet

The Perfect Pairs side bet in your game of 21 gives you the chance to grab some extra payouts depending on what your first 2 cards are. The winning pairs can be Mixed, Perfect, or Coloured: Mixed pairs have the same number but different colours, Perfect Pairs is when both cards are identical, and Coloured Pairs match in number and colour.

The 21 + 3 Side Bet

This side bet is frequently found in Blackjack games, and transforms it into a 3-Card Poker/Blackjack hybrid. Your cards are made up of the 2 cards you are holding and the dealer’s open card. So, you would be betting to get a good hand in 3-Card Poker with the initial cards on the table, while also beating the dealer in the Live Dealer Blackjack game simultaneously.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started enjoying Canada!

It doesn’t get quicker or slicker than the Live Dealer Blackjack games by Evolution Gaming at 7Sultans Casino Canada! Everything has been optimized superbly for the finest possible desktop, tablet, and smartphone playing experience, and you can get started winning from wherever you are.


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