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Premium Online Blackjack Mobile Games

In most casinos outside Asia, the tables that attract the most interest inevitably are those that offer the card game many Canadian players know as 21. Whether you call the game that or you know it as online Blackjack mobile, it has much to offer.

Most of the games at 7Sultans Casino see players place a bet and then wait for the results to be produced by independently verified RNGs or by live dealers using custom-made equipment. Mobile Blackjack Canada on the other hand give you the option of choosing one of several different moves as you aim to beat the dealer. This aspect adds a unique dimension to what is one of the favourite mobile casino games at our site.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Thanks to Microgaming’s state-of-the-art software, you can use your Android or iOS mobile device to play Blackjack online. You can access the bet settings with a swipe, and then swipe back to the main screen once you have adjusted them to your preferred amount. You can tap the play button to place a bet and to start the game, and when it is your turn to make a move, you can tap the relevant option.

When the online Blackjack mobile game starts, you will be dealt 2 face up cards. The dealer will receive either 1 face up card, or 1 face up card and 1 face down card, depending on the rules. You then can make a move. Hit to increase your score by taking another card, or double down by placing another bet and taking another card. You can split if you were dealt 2 like cards, or, stand if you want to play the hand you were dealt. Your hand will be compared with the mobile Blackjack Canada dealer’s once you have made your move.

European vs. American Blackjack

There are two basic forms of the game, and all editions, whether they are RNG-based or they are one of the live dealer Blackjack options use one of those sets of rules. Online Blackjack mobile that uses the European rules deals 1 face up card to the dealer at the beginning of the round. The second card is dealt after the player’s move.

Games that use the American rules deal 1 face up card and 1 face down card to the dealer at the beginning of the round. Depending on the value of the dealer’s face up card, they may peek at the hole card. If the hand is a natural Blackjack, you will lose to the dealer before you have even made a move. If you play Blackjack online that uses the American rules, you also will be playing a game that has a higher house edge than the European editions.

Top Gaming At 7Sultans Casino

The superb editions of online Blackjack mobile at 7Sultans Casino are a portion of the hundreds of other games in our collection. You can use your smartphone or tablet to play other table games online such as Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps, or you can delve into our premium mobile slots. Discover quality gaming with us.


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