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Online Craps at 7Sultans

Sometimes, you just need to roll the dice. At 7Sultans, the simple-to-learn and engaging casino game, traditional craps, is available to play wherever you go. Craps is usually the glamourous game you see being played in the casinos in movies and popular media, a testament to its stylish and entertaining format. A variation of the English game of luck, “Hazard,” craps is incredibly easy to learn and get involved in.

The Evolution of Traditional Craps To Online Craps

Craps was first played in Europe, and then brought to the New World of America by settlers. United States soldiers used it to pass the time between battles during World War II, and when they returned home it became even more widespread. Soon the intriguing but simple game of dice made its way to Las Vegas, and the rest is history! Craps has been incredibly popular ever since.

Like all of the casino games at 7Sultans, online Craps are available at the highest possible quality with results that are created with audited and certified Random Number Generation (RNG) software. The graphics, animations and overall functionality are superb, and will make players feel as though they are sitting in a world-class brick-and-mortar casino every time they sit down at a table. 

Wonderful Craps At 7Sultans Casino

Each game available at 7Sultans will give you an idea of how it works from the offset so that you know how the game works before you begin. The games serve to replicate the stimulating atmosphere of playing table games with realistic and appealing graphics as well as audio. They look, sound and function perfectly on all PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices, so players can access them on the desktop or mobile casino platform with equal ease. Everyone is able to enjoy top-quality casino game Craps whenever and wherever they like. If you are looking for a real person to engange with at the casino, try our live dealer casino!

How To Play Online Craps

The aim of the game is to shoot the dice into a certain area on the green felt table, then to repeat the move to win, playing against the “Banker” in many of the versions available to play at 7Sultans. 

In the come out roll – your first throw – you’ll aim for a defined area on the table for the dice to land. The optimal roll will land on a 7 or 11, after which, you’ll try to replicate that shot on the next roll with the same numbers or a 7. The dice numeracy and combinations as well as bet correlation will lead to wins.

The different number totals can occur at different frequencies - for instance, a total of 8 is created by 4 combinations (7 and 1, 6 and 2, 5 and 3 and 4 and 4) while a total of 5 is only created by 2 dice combinations (4 and 1, and 3 and 2). For that reason, the odds and payouts of Craps bets vary quite considerably.

In addition to the basic wagers in the 2 stages of the game, the Come Out and Point Phases, there are plenty of other bets available to Craps players. These include Hardways, which predict that a specific number will land on both dice (a Hard 10 is a pair of 5s, for example) and propositions on the exact number that will appear on the next roll!


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