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New Zealand’s Top Online Blackjack Mobile Games

If you want the ultimate online Blackjack mobile games in New Zealand, 7Sultans Casino is where you can find them. Powered by Microgaming, we’ve put the best gaming options in one place so you can play them at your leisure.

You can take your pick from a tantalizing selection of variations that use the classic European rules as well as those that use the notorious American rules. The Blackjack options at our mobile casino New Zealand include games that use RNGs to generate results and games that are run by live dealers and include a chat feature that you can use to chat to the dealer and to other players.

European and American Blackjack Rules

If you are a beginner at playing mobile Blackjack New Zealand, you may be wondering what makes the American rules so notorious compared to the European rules. This is one of the fundamental aspects of the game, and most players find that they prefer one variation over the other precisely because of the differences.

The first thing you should know about European online Blackjack mobile is that the dealer’s second card is dealt after the player’s move. At the start of the round, the player gets 2 cards and the dealer gets 1. In the American version, the dealer gets 2 cards when the player gets 2 cards – and if the conditions are right, the dealer can peek at the hand, which brings with it the possibility of eliminating you. American online Blackjack also uses more decks of cards in the shoe, which gives the variation a slightly higher house edge. The European variation puts you on an almost even footing with the house.

How To Play Blackjack Online

The first thing to do when you play Blackjack online is to place a bet. Before starting, check that the default bet is within your budget. If not, you can change it using the controls on the interface.

The mobile Blackjack New Zealand game will start with the deal. You can make a move after the deal, presuming you are not eliminated by the dealer peeking and finding a hand worth a maximum of 21 points, which is the best winning hand possible.

Hitting means taking another card to improve your score. Doubling is placing another bet the same size as your first bet and taking another card. Standing is not making any changes to your original hand, and splitting, which you can do to a hand of 2 like cards, splits the cards and adds new ones to both, which forms new hands.

Once you have made your move, the online Blackjack mobile dealer or the live Blackjack dealer either will receive their second card or will flip over the hole card before their hand is compared with yours to find out who won.

Quality Gaming at 7Sultans Casino

Whether you are looking for the finest mobile Blackjack New Zealand, top-quality Roulette, premium Poker or Baccarat, or first-class mobile slots, 7Sultans Casino has the games for you. Powered by Microgaming, and with games from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, we have all the favourite gaming options covered. Play them with us.


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