July 2019 Horoscope

July Star Signs

May and June held a few unexpected turns for us all, but we overcome, learned, and grew from the experiences. It’s time to take a look at a new era; July, and get an idea of what potentially unforeseen challenges we can expect. Here are all 12 star signs for the month of July 2019.



You have a need to strengthen your skills, Aries, and that is in no way a bad thing. Though such an endeavour can be time consuming, it will certainly pay off in the long run, just like playing 777 online casino games would! Which skills is a question you will have to answer, just remember; some skills are fun, while others can be more lucrative.


There are times when life throws genuine threats at you, Taurus. This may be one of those times. Don’t panic; you can endure the storm, and emerge the other side stronger than before. Celebrate your victory with some time spent enjoying a favourite hobby, let loose and have some fun!


Times have been tough, Gemini, but rest assured you are on the brink of that long desired success. Push through this one last rough patch, and rewards are waiting on the other side. What those rewards are is up to you, be they monetary or otherwise. Stay focused.


It has crossed your mind lately to make a move, Cancer, and surround yourself with a new setting. Be it temporary or permanent, this is the right time to take the plunge. A change is as good as a holiday, but it need not necessarily be moving house. A new hobby might be just the thing, or you may need to think out the box and find fun where you least expect it.


The stars say that a certain someone, or something, is haunting your thoughts, Leo, and you’re wondering if you severed ties too quickly. That might just be the case. Giving up too quickly is a mistake we all make. No sweat, you can always go back, try again, and maybe the sought after rewards that eluded you will now be within reach. You don’t know, unless you try.

Mapping the Stars


An old friend is going to make a return to your life. Or they will, if you get in touch. This might just be the right time. Call them, email them, and spend some time reconnecting with an old flame. Perhaps enjoy a fun evening engaging in favourite games is on the cards.


A relationship is going through a rocky patch, and you’re afraid it’s doomed. But don’t be so quick to call it quits. Sometimes a suffering relationship is just in need of some TLC. Invite the person over and make an effort to remember what made them so special to you in the first place. But don’t forget to explore your own feelings while you’re at it, as this is important too.


This is it, Scorpio, the month you’ve been waiting for. That big, seemingly unattainable reward is finally going to land in your lap. But no, it isn’t going to happen without effort from you. Gather up your energy, remember what you’ve learned, and go for it! Trust in your abilities, and the impossible will be possible this month.


This is a month for truth, Sagittarius. It may not be a pleasant truth, but it is something that you needed to hear. Take heart; you can overcome, learn, and be a stronger soul that ever before. Personal time is key to dealing with internal conflict, so a ‘me’ day should be on the agenda. Find something you enjoy, and don’t feel guilty about indulging.


Big change time is here, Capricorn, and you can’t escape it. It is time to say goodbye to one aspect of your life, and invite in something else entirely. Best not to fight it; change comes to us all. In fact, accepting the new element might be far more lucrative than you anticipated.


Being assertive is nothing new for you, Aquarius. It just so happens that this is a month that will require it. You need to stand up for what you believe, trust that you are correct, and let the chips fall where they may. You will be vindicated in the end, and the rewards are well going to be worth sticking to your guns.


You may find yourself being a rock of support to others this month, Pisces, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the people you love need your support, and you are allowed to give it them when it is asked for. Just keep in mind that personal time is also allowed, and you can spend it however you like. Favourite hobbies, whatever they are, bring a smile to your face, and you need not feel guilty about it.

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