The Most Popular Car Colours In The World

White the most popular car colour

Have you ever been minding your own business at your favourite coffee shop, having some fun spinning the reels of slot machines on your phone, only to have your attention shattered? The sound of a revving car engine splits the silence, and you look up to see a fancy sports car speeding past. It would be impressive, only the car is the most toxic shade of green combined with baby vomit beige you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Yes, we know that taste is relative, even when it comes to the colours of sports cars. Some like sludge green, while others prefer a more classic red. Or at least they would, if the world were slightly more adventurous.

The question is how much does individual taste fluctuate, when it comes to colour? More to the point, how much does it fluctuate when it comes to the colour of cars?

The Top Choices

Interestingly enough, it turns out that the world in general is pretty conservative when it comes to choosing a colour for their new car. In fact, it is downright disappointing. The vast majority of the world selects neutral colours, steering away from anything that is even remotely eye-catching. To be more specific, the most popular choice of colour was white in 2019. Specifically, a total of 38% of all new cars were white. It is also the 9th consecutive year that this has been the case. Who knew that humans were so unadventurous?

So, what was the second most popular choice? If you guessed black, you’d be correct. Black was the 2nd most popular choice, with a total of 19% of all new cars being black. A smart person will have already seen the trend and taken a stab at the 3rd most popular colour. What is the obvious choice for those that can’t decide between black and white? Grey, of course. 13% of all new cars in 2019 were grey.

Next on the list was silver, which sat at a grand total of 10%, and we can bet that 2020 will be much the same, unless something major happens.

The Bottom Choices

You’re probably now wondering about the least popular car colour choices, although it is probably already obvious by this point. Interestingly enough, it isn’t only the bright or eye-catching colours that made up the bottom of the list. Rather, it was any colour that simply strayed away from being neutral.

Red not a popular car colour choice

Blue was top of the bottom half, making up a total of 7% of all new cars. Then came red with 6%, followed by brown at 3%. The really courageous who had the guts to choose a gold or yellow car made up just 2% of all new owners. Last on the list, not shockingly at all, was green, with 1%. All other colours make up the remaining 1%.

Differences By Region

You might now be wondering if there are major differences in car colour depending on which region of the world you happen to be in. The short answer to this is not really. The longer answer is yes, but not by as much as you might assume.

For the most part, European and Western countries tend to have slightly higher percentages of brighter colours, but only by a few percent points. It happens to be Russia where the brighter colours get the most attention. Around 30% of all car sales in Russia stray away from the traditional black, white or silver, which is slightly more than in other parts of the world.

One interesting fact that is almost universal is the most popular colour for luxury vehicles. Black not red is tops here, and this would make Henry Ford proud. After all, he was the man who said you could have your car in any colour, as long as it was black!

Red – An Insurance Nightmare

As a parting thought, there has been a long running myth that insurance companies will charge you more if your car happens to be red.

If you believed this myth, sadly you are wrong. In years gone by the colour or paint of a car may have made a difference to your insurance premium, as some shades and metallics were more costly than others, but these days they are all one and the same. So, now that we have that cleared up, hopes are that red cars will spike in popularity, and save us from the unadventurous that still choose white over sludge green.

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