Sports Technology Trends In 2018

It has been said that sport has not benefited hugely as far as technology is concerned. Or, at least, it has not benefited as much as most other industries. Why, for example, is there still any question as to whether a call on a foul is correct or not? There is clearly technology available to ensure that such a call would never be wrong, after all, so why isn’t it being used?

It turns out that such technology is on the verge of being implemented, as well as a host of other technology that will take modern sports steaming into the future. From deep data analysis to smart stadiums that increase interactivity much like live dealer games have done at online casinos, it’s all just on the horizon. Let’s take a look at some of the hot technology that will be making an impact on sport in 2018.

Changing faces of sports stadiums

Data Analysis

There is an absolute mind blowing amount of data and information that can be drawn from sports, processed, and applied in useful ways. From the statistics of players, to the impact of weather and different climate conditions, to the effect of new coaches, data on just about anything is available; it just needs to be captured. There has already been a movement towards the gathering of such information, and using it, but this process is about to step up into overdrive.

Data gathering and analytics is about to reach the next level, and many are already predicting that the performance of various sports teams is about to change in the most interesting of ways. The real focus of 2018 will be, it has been rumoured, on how information is gathered, and how it is applied. For the first time ever, FIFA will use video referees in the World Cup, and analyzing whether a ball is in or out, whether a player was offside, or if a penalty occurred will also become far easier.

Wearable Technology

Most are already familiar with the term wearable technology. That is to say, a device such as a watch that can track, in detail, the various health factors of the wearer. From heart rate, to levels of exertion, and even stress levels, modern wearable technology is much further along than many assume.

And yes, the implications of such technology in sport are immense. 2018 will see a cresting of the creation of such technology, and more of a focus on its implementation directly into sport. Up until now there has been a rush to create such devices, and make them usable and convenient. All that remains now is to apply the technology effectively to sports-related activities.

Smartwatches at the forefront of sports wearables


Drones are amazing things, for a number of reasons, not in the least because of the incredible cinematography they can achieve. And yes, sports games are soon to be making use of drones in capturing, and broadcasting, sports games to fans.

How exactly it will be done remains to be seen, given that drones tend to be distracting, and what sports players want least is another distraction. But, given how drastically drones could change how sport is viewed at home, there is no doubt that the technology will soon be implemented.

Smart Stadiums

There has been plenty of talk about the technology that could be used in stadiums themselves, and how much of a difference it could make to fans. After all, stadiums themselves haven’t seen much of an improvement, as far is technology goes, in a very long time.

And what will smart stadiums involve? Well, imagining a stadium that pulses and reacts to the sports game being played is about what a person can expect. Gigantic screens cover almost every surface of the stadiums domed ceiling, LED lights are present across almost every surface, and all of it works in conjunction with the evolving games. Imagine a goal being scored, and the stadium coming alive with dancing lights, and replays displayed across the ceiling. These stadiums will also capitalise on the growing popularity of eSports, and should attract even more spectators.

It looks like 2018 is going to be a good year in many ways, and with these tech trends coming to the fore, every sports fan can get excited.

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