Top 20 Cats With Money

Celebrating the estimated $100 million annual earnings of the ever-popular Grumpy Cat, we’ve decided to feature her fellow furry friends on who are making it rain. So whip out the lasers and get the caviar ready as we count down the very best of the flush felines.



Money is my catnip”


My precioussssss…


I’m rolling in it


Backscratches and bills, please


I’m old money


You can get a lot of flies with honey but you can catch more honeys by being fly


I’m stacking up my money so eventually I can reach the tuna


I was born into this life #blessed


I’m so flush, I use money as a mattress


This is just the cash I keep in my back pocket


I don’t care much for my human’s lap – it’s more about the lap of luxury


I didn’t choose the thug life, my mom picked it out for me


I’m the Scrooge McDuck of cats


I’m saving up to sustain my crippling catnip addiction




I’m as wealthy as I am fluffy


I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse; but first scratch behind my ears


#selfie #nofilter #gingerninja


I have 20,000 followers on Instameow


All the ladies say I drip with class #fromstraytoheyyyy

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